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Before Humanology®, Directors and Executive Managers had no choice but to guess when it came to choosing how to position their enterprise among the competition, what to name their products and services, how to package them, and how best to bring them to market. There is a reason why advertising is regarded as an art more than a science, and why ad agencies are shuffled regularly.

Because human nature has been a mystery, Directors and Executives have had no choice but to look for managers with a proven track record, hoping they will be able to replicate their previous successful performances. Unfortunately, guessing leads to inconsistent results.

Note: Sportscasters who make a living predicting the outcome of athletic events look like gurus on week and buffoons the next.

Without science from which to work, managers are relegated to making educated guesses. However, although their guesses may be educated, they are still guesses. Those making important and sometimes critical decisions are sure to guess wrong.

Note: As they say, “There are no old successful gamblers.” The law of averages will eventually rear its ugly head, and winnings will be offset by what they will surely lose.

The science of Humanology® eliminates the uncertainty. Directors and managers no longer have to guess regarding any aspect of doing business.

The section called “Learning” features multiple options for acquiring the knowledge of Humanology®. We recommend highly for business leaders and decision makers to start there. What they and their people will learn will empower them personally and professionally in a myriad of ways.

Beyond acquiring general knowledge with regard to understanding human nature, you can get assistance in specific areas of business by visiting the several links on the vertical menu in this section.

The ramifications of understanding human nature are many. The Patriot Party® is an emerging political party that endorses the application of Gravity Theory and the Bidirectional System as the way to resolve America's social, financial and political problems.

Patriot Party Radio broadcasts the Patriot Party® message.

Spring-Gravity Theory® is a marketing group that applies the teachings of Humanology® in crafting marketing plans and advertising campaigns for the largest companies and nation-states worldwide.

Spring-Gravity Theory® is the result of a breakthrough in understanding human nature.

That breakthrough is featured on the Humanology® website. More and more organizations are adopting the knowledge offered by Humanology®.

Foundation to Empower Marriage is a non-profit organization dedicated to educate high school seniors on how emotions work and how to use that knowledge to form and maintain successful long term personal relationships including marriage.

It's Not About Love is a musical written for high school and college students. It reveals the secret to success in romance and fulfillment in marriage. It's message is based on the knowledge and discoveries of Humanology®.

School Is Cool is a not-for-profit corporation that works with the major sports associations in elevating the value of education in the minds of our children.

Fittest Form® is a program that helps people achieve their best physical and mental state. Idea Songs is a group of songwriters that applies Humanology® in crafting songs, with an eye on making the most impact and maximizing audience appeal.

Professional Songwriter Group is an association of lyricists and composers that study human nature and incorporate that knowledge into their musical works, making their products more impactful on the listening public.

Back On Top Music is a publisher of music that works only with authors who understand and incorporate what we now know about human nature.

Magyar Music is a music act that incorporates Humanology® when crafting its songs.

The author of Humanology®, Don Magyar, can be contacted directly by going to his website.

His books are individually titled and can stand alone, yet they are part of the Humanology® series, published by Permanent Publications.